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Here are 10 most popular and useful Google Sheets extensions as of March 2023.

  1. Supermetrics: This extension allows users to import data from various sources (like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Salesforce) into Google Sheets, making it easy to create and update reports and analyze data.

  2. Power Tools: This extension offers a suite of tools for cleaning, formatting, and managing data in Google Sheets, such as removing duplicates, splitting or merging cells, and changing case.

  3. Tiller Money: This extension automates the process of importing financial transactions and balances from various sources into Google Sheets, making it easy to manage and track personal finances.

  4. Awesome Table: This extension helps users create interactive and customizable visualizations, filters, and data views from Google Sheets data, allowing them to easily share and display information.

  5. Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM): This extension enables users to send personalized email campaigns and mail merges using data from Google Sheets, along with Gmail and Google Drive.

  6. Remove Duplicates: This extension helps users find and remove duplicate rows and cells in Google Sheets, allowing them to clean up their data efficiently with a single click of a button.

  7. Sheetgo: This extension allows users to connect and transfer data between multiple spreadsheets, streamlining the process of data consolidation and synchronization, keeping everything always up to date.

  8. Google Analytics: This extension enables users to access Google Analytics data directly within Google Sheets, making it easier to create custom reports and analyze website performance.

  9. Cryptofinance: This extension provides users with real-time cryptocurrency data, such as prices, market caps, and historical data, directly within Google Sheets.